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[SCAN] Lee Jong Suk & Kim Woo Bin - Magazine「ATSTYLE」March 2013

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Source: Scan by 덕스리 (http://blog.naver.com/tc1227/90165729578)


AJ braves the terrible forces of nature to save his damsel in distress, but Kevin only has Eli on his mind.

(…poor AJ. I need to stop. I’m sorry AJ. I just ship Elvin too hard.)

Hello there fellow Pinoy KissMes! ^^ I’m Lynette Aika. 

Have you all read Rocketboxx’ U-NIFICATION Project 2.2? If not, read it here.

I will be donating for the project and if some of you who does not have Paypal accounts would also like to donate, I would love to collect and send it on everyone’s behalf. I also do not have a Paypal account so I talked to Nina (founder of Rocketboxx) and I will be sending the donations through bank transfer. Just to be clear, I am just an individual and not a representative of any fan base so it’s up to you if you would trust me or not. 

If you choose to trust me, you can send me a message here or on Twitter for my contact details and if you have questions. I’m almost always on Twitter so I’d be able to respond to you faster there. You can send me your donations through money transfer (LBC, M Lhuillier, Western Union), Metrobank Bank Deposit or GCASH. I would also be going to the fan gathering so you could give your donations to me on that day if you are going.

I would be putting and updating the names of those who would donate along with the amount here so that you would all know that nothing comes to my pocket. I would also be posting the Deposit slip and receipt when I’m done sending the money. 

I would only be collecting until May 15 so I could send it on Thursday or Friday that week (May 17/May18). The project costs quite a lot so it would really mean a lot if we could help on this. Every peso counts. 

Kindly reblog and RT on Twitter. Thank you so much! ^^


Are you interested in wanting to learn how to help stream U-Kiss’ songs this comeback on Soribada? If so, please refer to the following tutorials: 

Signing up for Korean Soribada

Purchasing a streaming pass

Creating your Soribada playlist

And for more tutorials, check here! Be sure to follow stream-ukiss for additional updates as well~ 

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U-KISS Comeback Teaser on Music Bank 

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Hello everyone, this is in regards to the bulk order for U-Kiss’ 6th mini album (which is set to come out soon!) We are planning to order the albums from a seller directly in Seoul. The purchase will count towards the Hanteo chart, Korea’s largest music chart, where sales reflect on all the music…

  • English Teacher: Now I want you to tell me the saddest love story you have ever encountered.
  • Me: Well, it all began when two babies were born in a different place and time. The boy grew up to be a successful young man who roams around the world to showcase his talent while the girl stayed in the sea of faces who admired him. He doesn't know her, but she knows him, from his real name to what his favorite color is. She sends him love letters, even if she's aware that he won't be able to read it and she has to pay loads of money just to watch him perform for a few hours. That pattern goes on and on, unceasingly. The boy continues to walk in his dream, while the girl could only look at him with pure admiration, and sadly, that's how it'll end. The boy...will never know just how much the girl loves him.
  • English Teacher: That's quite sad.
  • Me: Oh, the life of a fangirl really is sad, Teach.
  • English Teacher: What
  • Me: What

Forbidden Love is down to 14 on the Myx Hit Chart and remains at number 8 on the MIT20.

Vote for it, still :) Head on to myxph.com~


SooHyun + Eli + Kevin = I’M DEAD.